Hebrew speaking club “There are things to talk about!”

Hebrew Speaking club is an intercommunity program, the main purpose of which is the unification of different people, regardless of their belonging or not belonging to a particular Jewish community. The program aims to popularize the Jewish tradition, the Zionist views with the help of a common unifying tool – the Hebrew language. Participants in the program are people of different ages, different attitudes and level of observance of the Jewish tradition. Meetings in the Club are held as a conversation on a pre-determined topic. Most of the topics affect the history of Israel, the issues of the Jewish tradition, as well as family values. A special place in the work of the Club is occupied by meetings with people who speak Hebrew at the native level.

During the work of the Club, it’s guests were the director of the Israel Cultural Center, Olga Polishchuk,Head of the Sohnut-Ukraine branch Ron Garfeld, the head of repatriation of the Sohnut-Ukraine branch, Dmitry Ioffe, the traveler Ram Rosenfeld, the king of falafel in Ukraine Guy Dotan. Since 2018 the club has been working in Kiev, Chernivtsi, Vinnitsa and Melitopol, and others cities of Ukraine as well as the Hebrew Speaking club “What about to talk?!” On-line.

The head of the program is Elena Zaslavskaya (066-4328216)

Email: hebrewclubua@gmail.com

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Guidelines for the Hebrew Speaking Club “There are Things to Talk about?!” Were Approved